The Leland J. and Dorothy H. Olson Charitable Foundation (“The Olson Foundation”) was founded in 1993 by the late Dr. Leland and Dorothy Olson. Centered in Omaha, Nebraska The Olson Foundation has been serving the local needs focused in education, health and the environment for the past two decades.

Currently Dr. David Olson, son of Leland and Dorothy, serves as the President of the Board. The Board also consists of Leland and Dorothy’s daughters Nancy Olson and Dr. Karen Olson along with David’s two children Dr. Kendra Swanson and Christian Olson.

The Olson Foundation is focused on a preserving a long term, multi-generational endowment aligning with our mission.

The history of Dr. Leland J. and Dorothy H. Olson can be found on Our Founders page.