Apply for a Grant

We Can Support

Project must be implemented in and serve residents of Omaha, NE and surrounding communities or Stanwood, WA and surrounding communities.


Projects and initiatives essential to improving the educational process or improving access to education for children and/or adults.


Projects and initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families.


Projects and initiatives that are essential to strengthening and enhancing segments of the community with significant economic, educational, social, and physical needs.


Programs and initiatives essential to protecting, promoting, and educating our community about the environment and its preservation.  By conserving and celebrating the many facets of life, these programs promote positive change that encompasses and embraces all realms of life.

We Will Not Fund

Partisan, legislative, or political activities

Fraternal, sectarian, and religious organizations where the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organization’s own members or adherents, or where the grant is intended for inherently religious activities

Private foundations

Pass thru foundations

The Olson Foundation’s Grant Program for 2024 is now closed.

Our application process will open again on February 1, 2025 to April 1, 2025

We have combined our previous program of Small Grants and Large Grants into one grant process and no longer specify a difference between “small" and “large” grants. Instead we will host one round of yearly grant applications.

The size of funding  specific to the proposed project scope and need. The Grant program offers grants in the amount of $10,000 up to $75,000.

LOI’s will be reviewed and organizations will be notified of approval status by Friday, May 17th, 2024. A full grant application will be offered to organizations with an approved LOI to be completed by August 1st, 2024.