Child Saving Institute Inc.

Omaha, NE
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The Child Saving Institute Inc., founded in 1892, is an organization based in Omaha, NE that has a very strong and clear message: they’ll do everything they can to ensure victims of child abuse and neglect are well-taken care of and supported through early adulthood. Their range of services have several branches: child welfare, early childhood education, juvenile justice, mental health, and prevention.

Given the governmental and workforce climate over recent years, Child Saving Institute runs into issues of acquiring exceptional talent to support administration, 16 programs, and up to thousands of children. With workforce numbers being low and surrounding industries seeing more applicants simply because of common large debt, CSI is keen to focus on motives outside of salary to retain staff such as appreciation, focus on mission and changing lives, skill building and training.

As with nearly all industries, COVID-19 disrupted income and staffing support for CSI. In regards to program sustainability, the reduction of in-person contact fell drastically, limiting supporting reach. Outside of program participants, staffing structure for these traditionally in-person programs does not translate perfectly to digital, resulting in increased infrastructure and staffing costs.

Year over year, The Olson Foundation has been able to support CSI by maintaining program funding. Critical programs, such as Early Childhood Education, were adequately funded, which resulted in additional funding being shifted towards under-funded programs. Through Pediatric Social Work, In-Home Services, therapy, and KidSquad, CSI was able to serve 452 families and 2,264 youth. Through School & Family Enrichment, CSI Early Childhood Education, the Spellman Child Development Center, CSI provided educational support to 1,627.

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